Cold War Bunker in Russia

Image and description courtesy of a contributor

Photographed in 2007

This photo is of a Russian cold war bunker that appears equivalent to some US evacuation facilities. It is located about 90 miles east of Moscow, and thus is within that city's "arc of relocation." It is tucked away on the back side of the grounds of a large electrical generating plant, and it one of two such bunkers at the plant. Even though it follows "out of sight/out of mind" principles at an industrial facility that itself is secure, given this huge plant supplies a major portion of the electricity for the Moscow region, the plant itself would have been a primary target during the Cold War.

The air vents atop the facility are quite similar to those found on American bunkers. One major difference, however, is that a substantial portion of the structure is above ground relying more on massive amounts of reinforced concrete than on earth fill. A person who has been inside the bunker states it contains four rooms. One is a utility room with pumps, filters and things of that nature. Then there are two small rooms with bunks and one main room. The facility is thought to have been designed to accommodate about 150 people. Who those people would have been during the Cold War is not known. These facilities reportedly have been decommissioned and their present use also is unknown.

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