Activities of the Naval Communication System

by Alvin H. Grobmeier, CDR, USN (Ret.)

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Chief of Naval Operation OPNAV INSTRUCTION 29 of 10 May 1952 - The Naval Commmunication System (one of the elements of Naval Communications) is the integrated network, essentially interarea in nature, required to provide the basic framework for rapid communications for the U.S. Navy on a world-wide basis. The Naval Communication System, under the direction of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)/Director of Naval Communications (DNC), maintains and operates the essential shore facilities and services required to provide adequate communication support for the Operating Forces, the Navy Department, and the Shore Establishment, and to perform such special communication functions as the Chief of Naval Operations may prescribe.

Explanatory notes:

The activities which compose the Naval Communication System are identified by command titles and geographical locations as follows:

U.S. Naval Communication Units

Associated Activities

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